Friday, 4 September 2015


CONCEPTS for different games that never quite made it past the Harddrive.

This post shows some concepts for games for different platforms, that never made it past concept stage (some for good reason). 

Concept 01 - "RAZZOR"

This game originally designed on the Amiga using Brilliance 2 software (see below images). Later updated using Lightwave and Photoshop (above). The game would be similar to Alien Breed or Alien Syndrome with a few twists.

CONCEPTS of the Past - Fruity Caves

For a long time I have always enjoyed playing Boulderdash / Clone games and in particular Emerald Mines on the Amiga.

The screenshots vary from the initial Amiga design (16/32/256 colours) to a future Amiga/PC version.

This is a more recent design that shows the editor screen (2010)

Fruity Caves is a game similar to:

Fruity Frank (Amstrad)
Boulderdash (C64)
Emerald Mine (Amiga)
BD4 (PC)

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Tower 57 - Kickstarter Project - for AmigaOS

A great Kickstarter game "Tower 57", needs more funds to be able to support our AmigaOS platform.

UPDATE:  Coming to Amiga :)

For more info please go here:

Tower 57 is a shooter, which plays in a dystopian art deco - cyberpunk world. Humans live in huge megatowers, surrounded by radioactive wastelands. Choose your mercenary, get in Tower57 and stop them from invading your hometower.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Warp3D - AmigaOS 4.1

Enjoy playing and developing 3D on the Amiga

For selected graphics cards in Southern-Island RadeonHD and Radeon Rx series
(Warp3D for selected RadeonHD Evergreen gfx cards coming soon)

Warp3D requirements:   An AMIGA one or AmigaOS 4.1  compatible computer with:-
 AmigaOS 4.1 “Final Edition”          RadeonHD V1.7 or V2.10          MiniGL - version 2.20 or later

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

MIG n ZIGGY - Amiga Platform Game

MIG n ZIGGY Platform Game (WIP)

Using only the 16 colours available from the C64 colour palette to create a game on the Amiga?

Resolution 320x256 (PAL)
16 colours

Friday, 20 March 2015

Kickstarter - Amiga 30 years Celebration

On July 23rd, 1985, the world was introduced to the Commodore Amiga Computer.  This year marks the 30th Anniversary of the Amiga's launch and to commemorate that seminal event in computer history we are throwing a party.  

Just backed the Kickstarter now that they can ship to Australia :)))

Oh a selection of recent backers (thankyou)
For more info please visit amiga-30th-anniversary-in-california Kickstarter site

Monday, 9 March 2015

Starquake on Amiga

GalahaHD/FLT a member of English Amiga Board is busy working on Starquake for the Amiga.

A quick preview video of his great Atari ST conversion is on Youtube.

As a fan of the game originally played on the Amstrad CPC (is also available for other platforms)

The game will finally be available on the Amiga, for more info please follow this forum thread. :)

While I'm busy working on other projects was curious on spending a few moments on the score panel (16 colours)

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Underthreat - Amiga 16 colour Shootem up - WIP

A quick concept below of how a shoot em up for the Classic Amiga's I'm working on might look like with the limit of 16 colours at 320x256(PAL) (or 320x200 NTSC). Still working on palette optimisations :)

The graphics will be hand drawn all enemy animations will be created/rendering in 3d (Lightwave) and converted to the colour palette.   This project as with many others I'll play around with and research overtime.

Below is a test of how the background could look using the copper effect (I need to research what the limitations are)

Earlier in my blog history I do have a link to a full HD version (platform?)


Example Player and Enemy Sprites created in 3D

Recently refined graphics, new scorebar with custom colour palette.

Potential idea with background colours changing as you get closer to end Boss.

Update 16th May 2015:

Some experimentation with the Slime? level, converting 26 colour images to 8bit 256 or less (retro look).  Click for larger view.

Note: Creating high resolution graphics (24bit | HD) takes alot longer the pixel work at 320x256 resolution.   

How to progress with the design of Underthreat is unknown but the main part is it's fun working on every element :)

As always critiques always welcome :)


Here is a starting idea for weapons.  

It's by no mean optimised, starting ideas :)


The WIP weapon system: 

The concept here is each time you play a level you can choose what weapons you prefer.  Over time you can collect new weapons by collecting them in each level. Once you have completed the game you gain an extra weapon.   This is still a work in progress.

Friday, 27 February 2015

Deluxe Galaga - Amiga version Reborn

One of the projects I'm proud to be part of is a classic Amiga game called Deluxe Galaga.

We are in the process of completing this game for the (Linux, Mac, PC) platforms.

My focus was to make sure we retain the original look but double the resolution.  While these samples may not be final versions you can see cleaner edges (Antialiasing) and smoother gradients.  More refinements has been spent on the asteroids though.

Coming Soon - Amiga Game for 68k and AmigaOS

This project has been slowly cooking away over the last few months and something I have been wanted to do for many years.  (Complete a game on the Amiga and release it).

Here is a little tease of the 68k version.  

The AmigaOS version will arrive sometime later this year :)

As you can imagine working full time, family and on a few projects on the go, it's been a very busy year or so.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Menace OCS game - Researching colour palettes

Researching colour palettes for Amiga Shoot em ups :)
Menace seems to vary from 31 colours to 41 (or 50 if you include copper effects)

Above is a test showing 256 colours rather than 35 colours

Conversation continued over at EAB Forums :)

Friday, 30 January 2015

Game Concept - BoTrannis

Here is a concept for a game thats completely drawn with coloured pencils. 

 It's a simple game. You fly a little ship that shoots butterflies, collect the Jems, exit and advance to the next level. (The black lines are only for showing butterfly paths)

It would be nice to have it available on all platforms including Amiga. 

Firstly need to find a coder who is willing to develop it, having a possible Kickstarter might be a good incentive :) 

This one has been sitting idle on the drive for a while and was time to bring it out.


Update: Amstrad CPC version. Two test design concepts.Amstrad has a palette of 27 colours:
- Mode 0 can use 16
- Mode 1 can use 4 colours 

Friday, 23 January 2015

Portable Amiga 1200

Nice Setup from Sébastien Marchand with his Amiga 1200 inside a Aluminium Briefcase,

Source and Flickr images.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Lunar Jetman - PC Remake 99% completed

Would Amiga users be interested in working on porting this game we recently completed for the PC.

Lunar Jetman originally created on the ZX Spectrum.  A conversation has started here on EAB forums :)  The PC remake is available here or visit the website