Thursday 14 December 2023

Tuesday 1 August 2023

Boss Machine - Another Big Boss and More :)


Hi Everyone, 

another Big Boss created for the Boss Machine - Amiga "DeathStormer", as always lots more info on my Patreon of other enemies and details :)

For more info on this and other recent designs please visit my main blog here (free)

Sunday 14 May 2023

PIXEL Moon Tutorial - Amiga - Brilliance II

PIXEL Moon Tutorial

If you want to learn how to draw Pixel art, one way is to copy another design. In this tutorial after an Amigan requested some help on an Amiga Facebook site, I decided to quickly create this tutorial to help on how to approach creating some Pixel Art. 

A more detailed posting accompanies this video on my Patreon Blog (free) as well as the source files.

Patreon Blog: 

A quick summary: 

- Always use reference images
- know the tools of your software
- practise, practise, practise drawing
- observe/study other artists 

Have a great day/evening. 

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Wednesday 4 January 2023

Apollo-X - Menu design time

 Here is the working design for the HiScore for Apollo-X, more details on my Patreon as far as animation elements to it and other screens :)

Have a great week :)

Tuesday 3 January 2023

Friday 4 November 2022

Brilliance II - Fix Background - Tutorial


Hi Everyone,

Well as you know I love Brilliance II, here is a Tutorial for using Fix Background, its a very powerful tool/gadget.  Source file on my Patreon to play around with.

Amiga Forever.

Sunday 30 October 2022

PATRONS Exclusive - Voting time for Amiga Art Contest 2022


If you would like to be part of the Voting on this years Amiga Art Contest 2022 

Please join either Doug/10Marc's or my Patreon.  Best of luck to all the entrants, Doug and I look forward to judging the entrants as well as many of you Amigans :)

Kevin Saunders Patreon

Doug/10Marc Patreon

Thursday 8 September 2022

Iridium - Shooter on Sale :)

 If you have ever played "Uridium" on the Amiga or other system, you will love our game "Iridium" for the PC, it's on sale too.  

Really enjoyed working with Dan and James on this project.  I'm sure it was a few years in the making.

P.S. We hope to have the Switch version available in all regions by end of 2022

Thursday 1 September 2022