Saturday, 13 July 2019

Watch our ReshootR Longplay

Enjoy watching the Longplay of our ReshootR game :)

Our journey with ReshootR has not quite finished for our Amigas :)

Friday, 5 July 2019

Map Tiled Editor - Great tool helping Amigans make games

Bjorn is my first Patreon I have supported and honoured to support software that helps us Amigans develop more games :)

As most of you know, Im busy working on Iridium game, just finished ReshootR and other (Amiga) projects in the background continue.  If it wasn't for other great software such as Tiled Map Editor  my game development would be alot harder or possibly non existent. 

I have now become a Patreon of this open source developer (small monthly donation), nice to give back to other developers.  What made me decide to do this besides feeling guilty using free software i use all the time and the professional interaction from Bjorn the coder.   
My message to him on his Discord channel was ..... "hello bjorn/everyone.  I have a quick question.  Is there any way of selecting a layer by clicking on a tile? In photoshop for example you can hold down command key (mac) and it goes the the layer.  The layer I want to get to quickly is (Overlay Layer) but currently in (Structure Layer).  When you have lots of layers it can be time consuming turning other layers on and off.  Still and awesome Editor, just trying to increase my workflow, hope you all are well :smiley: happy mapping." ..... Not only did I get a response but also got the idea implemented, how cool is that.

I look forward to showing more of how I use this tool for Amiga development.  

All the maps in Rygar for example have been created using this software.
Ok back to developing, thank you for everyones support.

If you would like to show support please visit his Patreon site

Monday, 3 June 2019

ReshootR behind the scenes - colour palette

Some behind the scenes of ReshootR :)

This describes some of the colour palette setup.

Next post for ReshootR will describe the player ship and how it was setup.

Monday, 27 May 2019

Reshoot R - Twitch live stream

WORLD PREMIERE of Reshoot R with Developers Richard Löwenstein, Kevin Saunders (Me) & Martin Ahman

Great to almost have our game finally available.  Richard has been a great coder to work with and hope to be on the stream with the team :) 

Approximately 1 day away, please join us if you can :)

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

3D Cube - Colour Cycling

New Animation to be shown at the next Brisbane Amiga Gathering. Spins 360 Degrees/colour cycling/100 frames, 32 colours. Created in Brilliance and Lightwave. 

Video Example:

Update:  Added here is the IFF Animation if you would like to try it out

All source files (IFF animation and Lightwave/images/scenes/objects) included in my Patreon site:

Saturday, 11 May 2019

AMIGA Brisbane Retro Group - Big Banner Design WIP

Recently joining the AMIGA Brisbane Retro Group, it was decided to have a big banner we can pin up at all our social gatherings. I was happy to be part of the process and here is a work in progress design using Lightwave 3D. I have attached the 3D objects that I have used incase you would like to see or use them.
While it's not the final image hopefully should be pretty close.

P.S. Donations text at bottom will have real names, from all the people who have donated towards the printing of the big banner.

For my Patrons I have also included the 3D Lightwave file as a thankyou for supporting me.

Friday, 3 May 2019

AMIGA copper gradient Editor - WIP

Wouldn't it be great if we had a custom editor to be able to not only create nice copper effects for Amiga games or demos but to be able to export either code, image.

Sunday, 28 April 2019

Ballistic Beer - Amiga social meetup

I'm taking the time to socialise with other Amigans, not something I actually have done recently or in the past, certainly not locally.  For the event I decided to create a quick Amigan style colour cycle animation.  Using Brilliance II on the Vanilla A1200.  For more info please visit my Patreon site below (no paywall for this one).  I have decided that all posts from now on should be open at some point but for people who support me get a few days early preview insight.

For more info on my Public posting please visit here