Saturday, 16 February 2019

IRIDIUM - Tutorial - how to

An example of how I create Destructive Elements for IRIDIUM, this process in general does flow into the Amiga game development.

This and many other Tutorial will go into the Digital Book "Making of"

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

IRIDIUM on the Amiga? Kickstarter Stretch Goals

We are very excited to let you all know we have reached 100%+ of our Kickstarter for IRIDIUM :)

Now we have our official Stretch Goals and successfully reach our first one, everyone who pledges £5 or more gets two posters added.

James, Akira and myself are very keen to get to the Nintendo Switch and yes we are very open to an Amiga Port if we raise enough money. Please share if you can.

You may notice the £3750 Extra Level (Acidic Ocean), I'm pretty excited about this level as it plays on some clever depth tricks (aliens coming out of the Ocean).

If you have not played our demo Please give it a try.

Monday, 4 February 2019

ReshootR - Teaser Video

Richard is getting ever closer to completing ReshootR, taken from his Facebook is a teaser video.
He is also creating a series of Youtube videos of the making of 

Awesome work Richard :)

Patreon Site :

Facebook Profie:

EAB Amiga Forum:

Youtube Channel:

Friday, 1 February 2019

IRIDIUM game now LIVE on Kickstarter

It's been a busy few months recently and we are very proud to finally have our Kickstarter for "Iridium" LIVE

We have lots of great plans for this game and with your help can make it even better, we just need to get the word out, any help would be really appreciated.

Links to various social media sites:
The Kickstarter

Game Demo Download





Oh and of course our favourite Amiga forum EAB

P.S. More Amiga stuff coming out very soon.

Monday, 28 January 2019

Mig n Ziggy 2019

Mig n Ziggy hasn't been forgotten, a copper trick update showing what the C64 palette and Amiga copper tricks would look like.

If you have followed my blog about this game you will see that I have focused purely on the Commodore C64 colour palette.

I'm curious the idea of blending the C64 and Amiga hardware into an in-between state. 1:1 pixel ratio and copper effects. The copper effects by the way (for the moment) a gradient transitions only using the C64 colours.

This game, while on hold till ProXima3 is completed, I have thought about possibly using the Redpill engine if I can't find a coder. The platform I would like this to be available on is the Amiga 1000 (the very first Amiga machine), so I need to be mindful of memory usage.

Thursday, 24 January 2019

WIP "ModSurfer" Game by Arcanist

Arcanist has created an impressive Amiga demo game called "ModSurfer"

Follow the discussion in the EAB Forum or see the game in action via Youtube

Targeted spec: A500 with 1MB. Larger MOD files will need more chip RAM.

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Iridium Kickstarter in February

As we start ramping up Promotion to make this small Kickstarter as successful as possible.

Monday, 21 January 2019

The Making of Iridium - Game - Digital Book

The focus for the next 10 days or so is on Iridium Kickstarter, beginning in February. Our team (Bastich and Akira) have posted info of the game in one of the most popular and most positive Amiga forums out there.


I'll post some other insider teasers for my Patreons in the next posting :) In particular the large ships that have destructible elements and I little more about the team and of course some teaser Amiga graphics too. The Digital Book is one of the perks of the fundraiser.