Sunday, 1 March 2015

Underthreat - Amiga 16 colour Shootem up - WIP

A quick concept below of how a shoot em up for the Classic Amiga's I'm working on might look like with the limit of 16 colours at 320x256(PAL) (or 320x200 NTSC). Still working on palette optimisations :)

The graphics will be hand drawn all enemy animations will be created/rendering in 3d (Lightwave) and converted to the colour palette.   This project as with many others I'll play around with and research overtime.

Below is a test of how the background could look using the copper effect (I need to research what the limitations are)

Earlier in my blog history I do have a link to a full HD version (platform?)


Example Player and Enemy Sprites created in 3D

Recently refined graphics, new scorebar with custom colour palette.

Potential idea with background colours changing as you get closer to end Boss.

Update 16th May 2015:

Some experimentation with the Slime? level, converting 26 colour images to 8bit 256 or less (retro look).  Click for larger view.

Note: Creating high resolution graphics (24bit | HD) takes alot longer the pixel work at 320x256 resolution.   

How to progress with the design of Underthreat is unknown but the main part is it's fun working on every element :)

As always critiques always welcome :)


Here is a starting idea for weapons.  

It's by no mean optimised, starting ideas :)


The WIP weapon system: 

The concept here is each time you play a level you can choose what weapons you prefer.  Over time you can collect new weapons by collecting them in each level. Once you have completed the game you gain an extra weapon.   This is still a work in progress.

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