Thursday, 24 May 2018

Iridium - Update May 2018

Iridium is moving forward rather well. James has been very busy coding and constantly refining every element of the game engine.  Graphics in this video shows temporary assets that will be updated soon. Akira continues to pump out amazing tracks (and I find myself listening  more than playing the game sometimes :))

Our small Kickstarter will be coming soon, Developed for Windows (PC) and if we can reach our stretch goals then Android and Nintendo Switch will be possible also :)

ProXima 3 - Update May 2018

ProXima 3 - "Dark Tomb" Level tiles.

Creating games takes a long time :) (especially if your working on 4 at once)

I will try to tease out a few more game assets to share as time goes by.  Below is selection of graphics for the level "Dark Tomb".  You will notice that the foreground tiles are mostly symmetrical, This will change overtime. 

The colour palette "bottom left" is almost finalised (16 colours).