Friday, 30 August 2019

AMIGA Patreons who I support :)

It's really nice to give a little back to all the people who I appreciate in the Amiga Community.  I have a small patreon site and a few very generous people are helping my may Amiga dream come true.
 Simone Bevilacqua, deserves more patreon's with his wonderful selection of games. He caught my attention some time ago but was with his most recent game Blastaway being developed for the AmigaOS that persuaded me to help support him.
 Bjorn's Tiled Map Editor is open source but without it. Reshoot, Rygar, Iridium and other games would not be possible.  I made a recent suggestion to his fabulous Map Editor and the next day the idea was implemented, how awesome is that. I use his Editor everyday.
 I have known Richard for a few years now and have loved working with him on his Reshoot and ReshootR games.  It is an absolute pleasure and we are currently working hard on our next AAA Amiga game, more info coming soon.
I have followed Michael Parent's youtube and Patreon site and after today's twitch stream was so impressed that I needed to support this very passionate and professional man.  He works closely with Corey Annis and make a great team.

My little Patreon site :)

Sunday, 25 August 2019

Iridium - creating animated buildings and some Amiga info

Iridium - creating animated buildings and some Amiga info Creating animations can be challenging. This animation was created using Photoshop to first design the Building then using Apple "Motion" Software (similar to After Effects) to animated the glowing effects. Below you can see on the left the layers. These are then animated (fade on/off, move, bloom/glow effects used)

----- Amiga Related -----

I have a few future posted coming up soon related to Amiga development and look forward to posting them very soon.

- ProXima
- Amiga Copper Effect Editor
- Boss Machine
- Rygar

Recently I needed to knock back an opportunity to create some Amiga Demo scene work. I don't think I could dedicated enough time for extra work at this stage.

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Castlevania - Akumajou Dracula - Sharp X68000 AMIGA Mockup

Hello Amigans,

I have been following a discussion about what arcades should be ported to Amiga.  
The discussion is in the EAB forum

While we do have this version
It is a very poor Amiga conversion, this is what I would consider a better rework (see above).  The Sharp X68000 version I have used to create this concept.  Could possibly reuse Graeme's Rygar engine, especially if you wanted parallax effects (8 colour background) and 16 foreground. 
The player is a hardware sprite (16 colours), Foreground and background combined (no parallax)
I personally would prefer more colour over parallax in this instance unless we can get both :)

Sharp X68000 version:

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Amiga - "Heartland" port / concept

"Heartland" Amiga Port (Concept only) 32 colours (plus copper background) for ECS and AGA. I have more info on my Patreon site. Don't worry you don't have to sign up... just have to wait a few days for public version, but I'm happy with this concept. :)

More details on my Patreon (don't panic more info will become available in a few days, no need to be a Patreon)  :)

Saturday, 13 July 2019

Watch our ReshootR Longplay

Enjoy watching the Longplay of our ReshootR game :)

Our journey with ReshootR has not quite finished for our Amigas :)

Friday, 5 July 2019

Map Tiled Editor - Great tool helping Amigans make games

Bjorn is my first Patreon I have supported and honoured to support software that helps us Amigans develop more games :)

As most of you know, Im busy working on Iridium game, just finished ReshootR and other (Amiga) projects in the background continue.  If it wasn't for other great software such as Tiled Map Editor  my game development would be alot harder or possibly non existent. 

I have now become a Patreon of this open source developer (small monthly donation), nice to give back to other developers.  What made me decide to do this besides feeling guilty using free software i use all the time and the professional interaction from Bjorn the coder.   
My message to him on his Discord channel was ..... "hello bjorn/everyone.  I have a quick question.  Is there any way of selecting a layer by clicking on a tile? In photoshop for example you can hold down command key (mac) and it goes the the layer.  The layer I want to get to quickly is (Overlay Layer) but currently in (Structure Layer).  When you have lots of layers it can be time consuming turning other layers on and off.  Still and awesome Editor, just trying to increase my workflow, hope you all are well :smiley: happy mapping." ..... Not only did I get a response but also got the idea implemented, how cool is that.

I look forward to showing more of how I use this tool for Amiga development.  

All the maps in Rygar for example have been created using this software.
Ok back to developing, thank you for everyones support.

If you would like to show support please visit his Patreon site

Monday, 3 June 2019

ReshootR behind the scenes - colour palette

Some behind the scenes of ReshootR :)

This describes some of the colour palette setup.

Next post for ReshootR will describe the player ship and how it was setup.

Monday, 27 May 2019

Reshoot R - Twitch live stream

WORLD PREMIERE of Reshoot R with Developers Richard Löwenstein, Kevin Saunders (Me) & Martin Ahman

Great to almost have our game finally available.  Richard has been a great coder to work with and hope to be on the stream with the team :) 

Approximately 1 day away, please join us if you can :)