Monday, 13 August 2018

ProXima3 - August 2018 update

Work continues on ProXima3.

A quick composite of some of the work, foreground, big bosses, enemy sprites.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Iridium - Update May 2018

Iridium is moving forward rather well. James has been very busy coding and constantly refining every element of the game engine.  Graphics in this video shows temporary assets that will be updated soon. Akira continues to pump out amazing tracks (and I find myself listening  more than playing the game sometimes :))

Our small Kickstarter will be coming soon, Developed for Windows (PC) and if we can reach our stretch goals then Android and Nintendo Switch will be possible also :)

ProXima 3 - Update May 2018

ProXima 3 - "Dark Tomb" Level tiles.

Creating games takes a long time :) (especially if your working on 4 at once)

I will try to tease out a few more game assets to share as time goes by.  Below is selection of graphics for the level "Dark Tomb".  You will notice that the foreground tiles are mostly symmetrical, This will change overtime. 

The colour palette "bottom left" is almost finalised (16 colours). 

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Brilliance 3

Brilliance 3.  Remember all those great art programs on the Amiga. Besides Dpaint, Brilliance is still an amazing program.  

These days it would be nice to see such software modernised.

This project not only updates Brilliance but adds a few other needed features such as layers and map editing tools.

Once all the graphics are created, it will be time to create the manual :)

I must add this is purely just concept images for the interface and as yet we have no coder, so if anyone knows someone please let me know.  At this stage any platform would be great.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Tower 57 - AMIGA version is out!

Excellent News!  Tower 57 - AMIGA version is out!

Marco posted "I would love to bring more games to the system that made me the gamer I am, so hopefully the reception will be good :)"  This is indeed great to see so please support the developers. 


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So if you don't have a copy of Tower 57 please purchase here
or contact benitosub at

For more details please go here (Kickstarter message)

AOS4: AmigaOS 4.1 FE Upd1, >= 600 MHz, Gfx-card with Compositing support
MorphOS: MorphOS >= 3.9, >= 600 MHz, Gfx-card with TinyGL support
AROS: x86 (e.g. Icaros Desktop >= 2.2), Gfx-card with Mesa3D support
IMPORTANT NOTE: If you wish to play with a joypad or in 2-player mode, you will need an OS supported dual-stick joypad.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Mig n Ziggy - Hang in There

One of the projects I'm super keen on getting back into is "Mig n Ziggy"

The last pixel play was during this destroyed wall, yes a nasty enemy comes out of it.

While "Reshoot R, Iridium and ProXima 3" are my focus, i am looking forward to getting back into this very low spec "Amiga A1000" compatible game.

Miss you Mig, hang in there.

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Iridium - Working on texturemaps - Desert

Iridium has not lost any love in development.  Some test concepts here and a quick sample of some of the assets.  The cracked desert textures still needs refining and will be transparent layers on top of the sand texture. 

I have a few tricks up my sleeve to achieve the seamless texture but its going to take some time :)

Iridium out of all projects i am involved in certainly will be the most time consuming and we hope to one day have this posted on a kickstarter or similar site, early days.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Reshoot R - Update - New weapon

Richard has been busy implementing lots of new features into Reshoot R.  Besides this new weapon he has rewritten the sprite engine that now allows for a lot more particles and effects.  See his post on his Patreon site for more technical details.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Tower 57 - Amiga Port

Dän Bänän is every closer to completing "Tower 57" game port for NG Amiga's.  

Brilliant work and I can't wait to play this game.  The game is beautifully created by the talented Cyangmou

Friday, 2 February 2018

ProXima 3 - Ham8 Title - Logo done

ProXima 3 is moving forward. 

Logo Completed, Ham8 Title done :)
We are implementing Ham8 Title and menu system.

Lots of Level design has been moving ahead also including some copper tricks for the parallax layers that I posted a quick teaser on the Amiga.Org facebook site.