Friday, 27 February 2015

Deluxe Galaga - Amiga version Reborn

One of the projects I'm proud to be part of is a classic Amiga game called Deluxe Galaga.

We are in the process of completing this game for the (Linux, Mac, PC) platforms.

My focus was to make sure we retain the original look but double the resolution.  While these samples may not be final versions you can see cleaner edges (Antialiasing) and smoother gradients.  More refinements has been spent on the asteroids though.

Coming Soon - Amiga Game for 68k and AmigaOS

This project has been slowly cooking away over the last few months and something I have been wanted to do for many years.  (Complete a game on the Amiga and release it).

Here is a little tease of the 68k version.  

The AmigaOS version will arrive sometime later this year :)

As you can imagine working full time, family and on a few projects on the go, it's been a very busy year or so.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Menace OCS game - Researching colour palettes

Researching colour palettes for Amiga Shoot em ups :)
Menace seems to vary from 31 colours to 41 (or 50 if you include copper effects)

Above is a test showing 256 colours rather than 35 colours

Conversation continued over at EAB Forums :)